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providing document management software and solutions worldwide
since 1997 for windows7,windows 8, Windows 10
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FREEWARE Tiff Viewer - Absolutely free, fully functional tiff viewer with thumbnails & print facility. A single exe that requires no installation. Simply copy it to your Desktop, USB stick, CD, wherever you want.  An ideal replacement for the standard microsoft windows 7, 8 or windows 10 tiff viewer. This really is completely free with no restrictions on where you use it. You must never charge your customers any money for this product and you must NEVER bundle or package the software with your own installer or distribution mechanism. You may provide the download link to this webpage for the end users (your customers) to download the software, it is free for everyone (you must not make any money from it).


download standard version with built-in file explorer

download the stripped down version without the file explorer




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