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providing document management software and solutions worldwide
since 1997 for windows7,windows 8, Windows 10
You can only buy our products direct from us, direct from this web site
if your company does not allow credit/debit card for online purchasing, please contact us for further info


If you already have a document management system you can still utilise our scanning and data-entry services.

We will scan and index the documents to provide you with images and index data in the format of your

choice to enable you to import both documents and index data directly into your existing systems.

Typical document output formats

  • Tiff
  • PDF
  • JPG

Typical data ouput formats

  • CSV (comma separated variable)
  • TXT (delimiter of your choice)
  • MDB (microsoft access database format)
  • SQL (microsoft sequel server database format)

Sequel Server Database Applications

As software developers we can create a database application including front end client software and backend sequel server database for you at very cost effective prices. Systems can be as simple as a contact database to a highly sophisticated image enabled document management application.

Front end client software can be by installed desktop application or via a simple web browser interface.....or a combination of both.

We develop the software to your specification.


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