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Auto Cropper - click the 'crop' button OR press the space-bar. the image will be cropped and the cropped version will be saved. the software will then automatically move-on to the next image in the list and will auto-rubber band the same selection area on the next image ready for minor adjustments or simply pressing spacebar or clicking 'crop' to continue the cropping process. download  purchase on-line 

(1) Simply select the first image you wish to crop in the file manager.
(2) Select the crop area by 'rubber banding' with a left mouse click.
(3) Double-click the selection area to crop the image.
(4) The image will be cropped, and the filelisting will automatically advance to the next image in the list.
(5) The 'crop area' square (markup) will automatically show on the next image. Make adjustments to the crop if you wish, and then double click the crop area and the image will be cropped and it will then move on to the next image in the list.

Cropper takes a very complex task and makes it simple...and better still, automates it.




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