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since 1997 for windows7,windows 8, Windows 10
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Tiff/PDF/JPG Counter will return the page count of all Tiff and PDF files and JPG files. Get the Tiff/PDF/JPG Page Count you need - Easy! Simply point at either a single folder containing tiff/pdf files, or a top level folder and perform a search. Any combination of multi page and/or single page tiff/pdf files are accommodated. Tiff/PDF/JPG Counter supports any combination of Multi page and single page tiff/pdf/jpg files. Ideal for imaging bureaux where an accurate page count is paramount when preparing to invoice the customer for the work scanned. If you have had documents scanned by an outsourced imaging bureau, you can use Tiff/PDF/JPG Counter to verify that the page count shown on the bureau invoice matches the page count of the image files actually received. An excellent way to approve invoices for payment. Tiff/PDF/JPG Counter also writes to a text file or Excel spreadsheet for easy loading into a database or repository. The only professional Tiff/PDF/JPG counting package on the market. The "Tiff Tools Tiff Counter" was the first product of its kind, first released in 1997...and it's still the best, especially as it now incorporates PDF & JPG page counting.. There are many imitators, but there's only one "Tiff/PDF/JPG Counter".

  • A simple, flexible and powerful interface.
  • Supports individual page counts..
  • Show total page counts.
  • Export to text and Excel files.
  • Fast and effective searches.
  • Supports multi-page and single page Tiff Files
  • Supports multi-page and single page PDF files
  • Support JPG & JPEG files 
  • Calculates file CRC (cyclic redundancy checksum). Creates a "fingerprint" of each file that can be checked again at a later date to prove the files athenticity.



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